Hole in the Wall by Tevin Hansen


This is the story of a cynical little boy named Evan Jacobson, who goes through a hole in the basement wall and into another world…but a world HE created. Evan quickly realizes that he is stuck inside his OWN IMAGINATION. Although the hero is young, this book is filled with plenty of grown-up humor that will have you and your kids laughing, shaking your head at the ridiculousnessness of it all, wondering why in the world the author is an actual character in the book, and possibly doing all three at the same time.

This middle school book has over 300 pages of high-speed weirdness, plus a dozen awesome illustrations by Shaun Cochran.

Humor! Action & Adventure! Sarcasm! Utter weirdness! This book has it all!
If you enjoyed Norton Juster's classic children's book The Phantom Tollbooth, or Roald Dahl's wonderful B.F.G. or James and the Giant Peach, your middle-schooler (or even you, mom and dad!) will have a bonafide blast reading this wacky adventure.

“I loved it it was great and it was super funny. I loved the rhyming and songs and how he meets his childhood bike and also I thought it was so cool how he was inside is childhood drawing. I like how he thinks the washer is a monster. I think its great for all kids from 3-12; it was never boring.The main character is so adventurous and reading it was like walking into another world – you could sit down and picture it. The book is so descriptive and wonderful. I highly recommend this book; it would make a great present.” Five stars, Amazon Customer