Guardian Angel by Dr Bob Rich


Several years in the writing, this book has matured like good wine.

1850, a small town in Australia: Glindi, an Aboriginal woman, gives birth to a daughter, the result of a rape by a white man. She names her Maraglindi, meaning “Glindi's sorrow,” but the girl is a joy to all those around her. She has the gift of love.

During her short life, she encounters everything intolerant, cruel Victorian society can throw at people it considers to be animals. She surmounts the savagery of the white invader by conquering hate with love. Even beyond death, she spreads compassion, then she returns a second time, with an ending that will touch your heart.

Maraglindi: child of the land, fruit of an evil deed, and instrument of love.

Maraglindi's story is a reminder that love can make inroads in the midst of bigotry and hatred and negotiate one’s way in life even though everything is against you. She is an unforgettable character.

Even though she meets a tragic end, her legacy continues through the people she has transformed. Every land which has been colonized and suffered extinction of natives has stories of people like Maraglindi who stood as a bridge of peace between the invading and the native culture and who remind us of the violence that has taken place in the name of God.
Rajat Mitra, Indian author