Eight Moments by Carmen Hendrix


Donna Catchings made a good life for herself in Houston, and vowed that she would never return to her hometown. Feeling the impact of a mother who has shown disdain for her since her brother died, and never knowing why, Donna stopped trying to figure it out. Now that her mother is dying, painful memories are resurfacing and Donna is forced to revisit Georgia to face her biggest challenge. Will the truth finally be revealed?

Full of scandalous and life-altering moments that have had devastating effects on Donna's ability to fully trust, “Eight Moments” explores why she must face her past. But, does Donna's new beginning come with a price?

“Eight Moments” is the second book in the “When Honeysuckles Fall” series and it is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

“After I finished the book, I felt satisfied, as if I'd finished a good meal. Nothing left out. No empty or cheated feeling.” – Quincy, Amazon Reviewer