Stampede of Love by Erin Wright

Book 0 in the Long Valley series

<b>Eight seconds…</b>

That’s all Rex Kingsley wants. Eight seconds on the back of Bodacious, the most feared bull in the PBR. Two years ago, the massive bull threw him and stomped him into the sands of the Tulsa Rodeo in front of ten thousand spectators. Rex survived. Barely. Now his single goal is to conquer the bull touted as “unbeatable.”  No bull rider has lasted eight seconds on Bodacious’ back for over five years. Rex aims to break that streak, and his lofty ambition leaves no room in his life for a woman.

<b>Until Kimber…</b>

Kimber Adams just wants to celebrate her birthday with friends. A few drinks. Maybe a spin on the dance floor. But when she falls into Rex’s arms, literally, her plans change. She and Rex share a night of passion but the handsome cowboy wants more. Kimber’s no stranger to the perils of bull riding, though. She makes it clear that Rex needs to choose between eight seconds on Bodacious…or a lifetime with her.

<b>Their love is young and fragile. Can it survive the dangers of a rodeo cowboy’s life?</b>

<i>This is the “swexy” (sweet + sexy) version of</i> Stampede of Love, <i>and on a heat scale of 1 – 5, it ranks about a 3. It is a standalone novella in the Long Valley series, and is only available to newsletter subscribers – it cannot be found on any bookstore shelves! With that in mind, enjoy!</i>

“Charming, sweet, sexy and fun romantic journey for this drifter cowboy who was not really looking for a home but found one anyway. Short yet entertaining reading, perfect sunny afternoon read.” ~ Cali Jewel