Secret Keepers by Charissa Stastny

Book 2 in the Bending Willow Trilogy series

Time reveals all secrets.

Feeling unworthy of her happily-ever-after, Suvi struggles with insecurities stemming from her dark past. But when her knight in shining armor becomes the target of evil men due to his association with her, she knows she must keep him safe at any cost. Even if that means sacrificing all hope for her own future happiness.

James believes he has won the heart of his dream girl, but when he discovers sinister secrets, will his love hold fast? Dare he yoke himself to someone who seems to attract danger? Does he really want a life where he must always look over his shoulder and guard his back?

Standing guard against the Dragon’s men, Austan nurses hope that someday he can reveal his true identity to Suvi. When a chance arises to team up with a pair of Mossad operatives, he may finally be able to do what he has wanted for four long years—reunite with the woman he loves. The only snag in his plan is that she believes he’s dead.

When the past collides with the present, Suvi flees to Israel to seek help from her estranged father. But when she disappears without a trace, James and Austan will do anything, including flying to the other side of the world and confronting madmen, ruthless drug cartels, and Mossad assassins, to find and save the woman they both love. The fight for light continues in this compelling, action-packed sequel, with lives, love, and freedom at stake.

“…Intrigue, suspense, spies, drug cartels, king pins, beautiful women, men who would die for them…this book has it all…You will believe this is a real world and you will enjoy every moment in it.” – Gina Barlean, author