Last Call by Phyllis Smallman

Book 7 in the A Sherri Travis Mystery series

Down in Key West, Sherri Travis and her best friend Marley are looking for a little fun in the sun. Promising to be back for last call, Marley leaves the Rawhide Saloon with an Elvis impersonator. She doesn’t return. With Hurricane Alma turning toward Key West, and the police saying Marley must be missing for seventy-two hours before they start searching, Sherri and Lexi Divine, a six-foot tall drag queen, hunt for Marley amidst the chaos of the evacuation.

I've never read this series before, and while it was obvious there had been a lot happening in the character's life, Smallman gives enough backstory so it was easy to pick up the threads. Sherri is tough, impetuous, and determined. The momentum of the story goes from 0 to 60 in nothing flat when Sherri realizes her friend is missing and goes on the hunt. Despite the fact that Sherri and Marley had just had an epic fight, Sherri never thinks Marley might have ditched her on purpose. I loved the descriptions of Key West – I've never been there, so I won't vouch for accuracy, but Smallman paints a vivid picture of the tropical foliage, eclectic architecture and colorful characters. With all the recent news about Hurricane Irma, it was very tense reading as Sherri races against time to find Marley as the wind and water gets violent. Sherri's intuition doesn't steer her wrong when looking for the bad guy.

Very enjoyable. I read it straight through. ”
Cyndi Johnson – Reviewer