Hands of Mercy by Charissa Stastny

Book 3 in the Bending Willow Trilogy series

Marriage. It brings two together…and tears another apart.

Bereft of hope, Austan immerses himself in the world of espionage to unite with one of the most evil men in the drug industry and his stunning daughter in order to secure safety for the woman he has already lost.

Oblivious to the danger their guardian holds at bay, Suvi and James unite to bring heaven to earth. As they struggle to overcome deep-seeded insecurities and start a life together, dragons from the past resurface, causing hell to erupt and steal their happily-ever-after.

Two become broken…while hope resurrects in the one.

As Suvi, James, and Austan fight resurrected foes, separation, death, guilt, and revenge rip them apart and scatter their broken hearts and bodies over the battlefield of life. In this suspenseful conclusion to the Bending Willow Trilogy, the powers of darkness and light come full circle in the characters’ lives as they discover that when all seems lost, the only hope comes from unseen hands of mercy.

“…This series just kept getting better and better. A satisfying conclusion to a nail biting story.” – Taylor Dean, Author