BLUE LADY by Stephany

Book 1 in the Angelica Mason series

Angelica Mason is no joke. Her motto, ‘it’s my way or the highway’. You can take me or leave me she says but she’s more than sure you will take her.

No longer satisfied with her high power job in Washington DC, she returns home to Smoothville, Georgia looking for love. Specifically, the love of her life, the high school sweetheart she ditched when she went away to college.

Angelica is surprised when she discovers she loves her Smoothville Georgia City Manager position. She’s not a bit surprised, however, when she crosses paths with Shawn Mallory the man she plans to marry.

Is a Valentine’s Day wedding in the making?

“The repartee or cat/mouse between she and Shawn was highly entertaining – with countless memorable lines. Since this is a short story, I won't elaborate on all the things I found amusing, but I'm sure Paula Dean is appreciative her biscuits were used in a clever phrase.

This short left me wanting to learn the significance of the “Blue Lady,” how those antics play out in the next round, and whether or not these two lost lovers can reconnect.
Angelica is confident, but the twist ending may throw a monkey wrench into her “best laid plans.” What will happen between the interesting cast of characters is yet to be seen, but I feel Angelica is gutsy enough to make things go her way.

I love this start of the series that left me anticipating forthcoming books. It left me contemplating a variety of “What ifs” about this golden couple, and two days later, the Bill Withers song “Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone” is still lingering in my head. That's a good thing! I highly recommend this short story and know you'll be hooked into following the series!”~~Chloe, Amazon Reader