Blizzard of Love by Erin Wright

Book 2 in the Long Valley series

When Luke Nash runs into Stetson Miller down at the feed store, he never expects his friend to strong-arm him into spending Christmas at the Miller farm. Luke has no patience for Christmas cheer or Yuletide song. And the rugged cowboy <i>definitely</i> has no desire to kiss a girl under the mistletoe. No matter how infuriatingly pretty she might be.

<b><i>A city girl who loves Christmas …</i></b>

Bonnie Patterson adores Christmas, so when her best friend Jennifer invites her to spend Christmas at the Miller farm, she jumps at the chance. When she sets out for the snowy country town, she has visions dancing in her head of cozy nights by a crackling fire, <i>not</i> of a hot cowboy with an ice-cold heart.

<b><i>The Storm of the Century…</i></b>

Instead of a peaceful holiday in the country, Bonnie gets stranded at the Miller farm by a blizzard. Even worse, she’s snowed-in with Luke, an arrogant, impossible, but damn sexy cowboy.

<b><i>When the fly sparks, will two people who are oh-so-different find their own Christmas miracle?</i></b>

Blizzard of Love <i>is the second novella in the Long Valley world, although all books in the Long Valley world can be read as standalones.</i> Blizzard of Love <i>is a sweeter romance with minimal sex and mild language … If you would prefer the completely clean version, it is also available on this storefront. Either way, enjoy!</i>

“A nice Christmas story. Very fast moving. The meeting of the two main books characters were hilarious. I love Erin's Long Valley series. Can't wait for more books from her.” ~ Love Snow