Private Instruction by Sophie Brooks

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Shy, inexperienced graduate student Chelsea finds people intimidating, especially hot men. The solution to her awkward dilemma? Pet sitting in the evenings. Taking care of dogs and cats is easy. Quiet. Uneventful–at least until a scheduling mistake results in Chelsea catching a gorgeous man climbing out of the shower.

Chelsea’s too mortified to meet Drew’s eyes, but she can’t help staring at every other part of him: his amused grin, his broad chest, and the way the water droplets outline his sculpted muscles. She can't get him out of her mind even after she flees his house in embarrassment. And Drew can't stop thinking about the beautiful young woman with the adorable blush.

Drew’s a professor at the university, and when he’s assigned to teach a class in Chelsea’s department, he’s determined to get to know the timid young woman better. Much better. But will shy, sweet Chelsea lower her iron-clad defenses enough to let the handsome professor get close?

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