Live off the Land: Survival Gardening Basics by Timothy Fox


Live off the Land: Survival Gardening Basics is an indispensable survival guide. This eBook covers invaluable advice about preparing for a garden from start to finish. The tips provided here are infallible and can be applied to any set of gardening circumstances, from urban window boxes to acres of open space.

This guide encompasses everything that a beginning gardener could hope to know, along with a few insider tips that experts will find useful.

By reading this eBook, you’ll learn about:
• Maximizing your climate, soil composition, and other limiting factors to produce bountiful harvests
• Planning your garden from start to finish
• Composting to prepare rich, fertile soil in which produce will thrive
• Gardening year-round, even in cooler climates
• Saving your seeds for next year’s crop
• Incorporating farm animals in your gardening practice
• Prepping garden food so that it can be stored long-term

You’ll read about exclusive gardening hacks, like how to figure out which vegetables and fruits store better in certain conditions than others, and how to figure out exactly when you should sow your seeds. You’ll also discover how to make your resources go as far as possible when embarking on your gardening journey. This eBook also teaches you how to weigh the pros and cons of planting certain crops and outlines how you can learn to use your space as wisely as possible.

Whether you want to take your entire existence completely off the grid or simply learn the skills to grow your own food in the event of an emergency, then this guide is the best tool available to you. It’s also great for anyone who’s hoping to take a healthier, more organic approach to eating and living. No matter the season, you can begin gardening right now to develop nutrient-rich, home-grown food in a matter of weeks.

““Live of the land” gave straightforward advice that can help anyone!” – John C. David