The Balvaig Trilogy by Fiona Cameron


The ferry to Coll and Tiree, jewels of the Scottish Hebrides, calls at the Isle of Soma most days in summer – weather permitting. On the west side of the island, facing Barra, lies the village of Balvaig: a tiny village street, a handful of crofts, and the Big House, Ollasdale, owned by the Crichton family. The Balvaig Trilogy, available for the first time as a box set, comprises the first three novels centred on the women of the MacKenzie family, who live in the croft house called Kingdom. They have inherited these things from their distant, almost mythical, ancestor, Sarah: eyes the vivid blue of cornflowers; a tendency to obsessive love; a fatalistic sense that their love is always doomed; and (perhaps) the Second Sight.

“To read all three, White Cranes Dancing, Containment, and The Swan Widow, is to enter a special set of stories that run forward and back, around and about, gathering up threads and tying up loose ends. Centred on the Hebridean Island of Balvaig they also move around the world, to St. Petersburg in White Cranes Dancing, back to Scotland by way of unmanned borders and dark forests.” Katharine Kirby, Amazon Top 500 Reviewer.
“What a beautifully-written book [White Cranes Dancing] is! Fiona Cameron's prose is as light as the bubbles in champagne. Her touch with dialogue is exceptional — she has the knack of creating witty, believable characters who think and talk like real people, except funnier and cleverer — as well as a romantic soul. It's a winning combination.” Marius Gabriel, Amazon Reviewer.
“Very much addressing contemporary issues, we are thrown into the world of salmon farming and the priorities of the people involved in this industry, which often clash with the sporting fishermen, Lairds and locals. Newly arrived Ella and Rolf are at the centre of this storm over the Hebridean island of Balvaig. This busy, believable community is brilliantly imagined and peopled by Fiona Cameron, who is even now working on later additions to this rich saga.” Review of Containment by Katharine Kirby, Amazon Top 500 reviewer.
“This is an autumn love story of the best kind. The usual story of love and romance with its ups and downs, and much more variants and differences when each of you has baggage by the ton, and histories by the dozen to be either unraveled or kept tightly hidden. It was these unravellings that added so much spice to the drama. Lovely to find a very late second chance at love so successful.” Review of The Swan Widow by Mystica Varathapalan, NetGalley Reviewer.