The Only Best Place by Carolyne Aarsen


Shaky marriage. Failing business. Leslie desperately wants to fix both. She's not so sure her husband's solution of moving back into the bosom of the family and family farm back in Holmes Crossing. As daughter of an alcoholic single mom who thought six months in one area was an extended stay, Leslie is not so much with the extended family interactions. But they can’t maintain their current lifestyle after his business fails and Leslie knows she and her husband need to so they pack up their two children and off to cows, chickens and Holmes Crossing they go. Leslie and Dan had agreed it was only for a year so they could reconnect and retrench financially. But once he’s back he starts making noises about staying. A near tragedy challenges Leslie’s ideas about family and community and faith and Leslie has to decide if this truly is The Only Best Place for her and her heart.

“When I saw that this story was about a normal couple who had been married six years but whose marriage had hit a rough patch my reaction was, “At last!”. The novel is realistic and positive with believable characters and situations. It is well written and I look forward to reading more by this new-to-me author. Enjoy!” R. Stickley – amazon