Run With Me (A Sin With Me romantic suspense prequel) by Lacey Silks


What do you learn when you’re on the run?

Timing is everything.
Coincidences are more reliable than a rising sun.
And my heart can bear a thousand more nails than my coffin.

Ben’s family murdered my parents and so I took my revenge. I changed the course of our futures with one flick of a matchstick.
I run to survive. I run to protect those I love. I run so that my daughter doesn’t have to.
With danger lurking over my shoulder, trusting strangers is dangerous until you don’t have a choice. Barely alive, I placed my life in the hands of the handsome and mysterious bounty hunter Xavier Black.
He gave me everything and asked for nothing. He helped me live again; but now, he’s the one who needs to run with me.
We can each choose to stop the hunt, but if one of us chooses wrong, that extra nail won’t be driven into our hearts but straight into our coffins.

Warning: Contains subject matter that may be considered sensitive to some readers (triggers). Intended for mature audience only. While Run With Me is a full complete novel with HEA ending for the couple, it does contain a cliffhanger.

“I read this in one sitting. Couldn't put it down. Sobbed. Opened a new box of tissues. Laughed. Cheered. Got down right angry. Ugly cried. I felt like I was there, and I wanted to murder someone for real! This one reaches out, grabs you with two hands and yanks you in.” – Goodreads Reviewer