Finding Karma by Stacy M Wray


**If you're looking for high-drama, this isn't your book. This is a sexy story of self-discovery, love and second chances**

What happens when the boy you love is bigger than life and you feel a little lost in his shadow? I’ve never had a problem not being in the limelight. In fact, I prefer it.
But I get lost somewhere in the mix, realizing I'm not the one making the important decisions.
Hitting the road with an unlikely partner, I begin to discover things about myself that make me start to question my intended path, meeting people who influence me to change my course in life, even if it means losing part of my future.
Improbable friendships.
Selfish decisions.
Broken hearts.
A love that never fades.
This is what happens when I find me…when I find Karma.

This is a stand alone coming of age, contemporary romance about a girl's journey to find herself and all the stages in between.

“I was captured from the very beginning and couldn't get enough of the story. I loved being able to watch the characters grow and develop. Finding Karma is a story about heartbreak, second chances, self-discovery, love and friendship. This was my second book from this author and I loved every moment of it. I can't wait to read more and highly recommend it!” – Chasidy, TDC Book Reviews