Watchers of the Veil by Lisa Manifold and Corinne O’Flynn


A witch on a mission.

Searching for her sister, who ran off with the wrong sort of bad-news guy, Marigold finds herself in a bar on the worst side of town. She wonders again why she's putting so much effort into finding her sister when nothing–even returning their golden child–is going to endear Marigold to her estranged family.

Frustrated yet again by the way she is sidelined in her quest, Marigold pursues a mysterious man whose appearance brings back disturbing memories. Expecting to find him alone and confront him, Marigold follows him out of the bar.

A Fae warrior on the hunt.

Tracking down a missing soldier after finding one of his men dead, Eamonn is also led to the same seedy bar. When his inquiries raise the attention of a gang of thugs, Eamonn finds himself fighting for his life in the dark alley behind the bar.

When Marigold stumbles on the scene in the alley, Eamonn is suddenly fighting for two lives instead of one. But what happens next surprises them both and sends them on a journey where they are forced to work together or die.

Can they become the team they need to be in order to survive?

5.0 out of 5 stars
Intrigue behind the veil
ByEFinn1on July 31, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
“This was my first read of Lisa Manifold's and my first read in this series but I will definitely go back and read the prequel. I have long been a fan of Corrine O'Flynn. These two authors have written a seamless story- you can not tell who's writing is where in the story. This is not your usual witch/werewolf story- there is a nice twist here. I enjoyed the creation of the Fae world and the treatment of them as some authors tend to treat them as fairies. Great story, lots of action.”