Moonhuntress by Connie Shipley


In the shadowy world of espionage, flirting is fair game when it comes to national security.  So, when Bina Knopfler is selected to seduce the most influential men, she realizes just a beautiful face won’t be enough and takes the game of seduction to a higher, more Machiavellian level. With the help of the clairvoyant Isadora, kitesurfer champion Astrid, and International Special Forces soldiers, Bina goes on the quest to uncover the secrets of a mysterious organization, the Horus Co, whose main goal is to retrieve precious minerals from the moon to achieve free energy – yet knowing nuclear weapons can be produced with devastating consequences.
From champagne parties to HALO jumps and grabbing her faithful Glock, Bina is forced to battle for the truth and love on multiple levels. Complete at 119,000 words, my intriguing romantic thriller, MoonHuntress, chronicles one young woman’s adrenaline-pumping career as a specialized intelligence officer for the clandestine activities of the Mossad.

Editorial Reviews
From Enas Reviews : A remarkable work of undeniable potential.Action oriented, dramatic with anecdotes of thrilling twists ‘Moon Huntress' is a remarkable work of undeniable potential by author Connie Shipley.
With the flood of immaculate narration and intricately fascinating details, author Connie Shipley brings forward her female protagonist Bina Knopfler- a Mossad agent whose irresistible beauty is a perfect match for her boldness and a frequent attraction of emotions for the men around her. After a life risking mission accomplished in Al Raqqah, Bina's compelling toughness leads her to unravel and unfold a path of destiny full of mysteries and enigmas and thrilling quests amidst numerous complex characters.
‘Moon Huntress' is an engrossing first installment in the series, brimming with rambunctious entertainment bogged down with fast moving plot embedded with enough military combat skills and swordplay. Author Connie Shipley keeps her narrative firmly planted in the everyday realities, penning a pleasingly original contribution to the genre of mystery thriller with romance. This compact, well rounded book is an absorbing, brilliantly told thriller. Those looking for a read with diversity may find themselves bewitched.

Amazon Reader : A book packed with mystery and adventure. A story about the life of a fascinating woman, involved in world changing conspiracies for which she has to defend herself and the world. Love and passion involves you with this beautiful and intelligent woman, Bina. A book to discover and a must read.