Ellen’s War Blue Skies & Tiger Moths by Fenella J Miller


Ellie Simpson is a flying instructor and good at her job, but war is coming and when it does she will no longer be able to do what she loves most – fly. The arrival of flying officer Gregory Dunlop, and the nephew of her boss, Jack Reynolds, in her life only complicates matters. When she can no longer take to the skies in her beloved Tiger Moth she decides to join the WAAF's. Then tragedy strikes and she is forced to rethink her life.

It's rare that a novel takes on a daring subject and proves worthy of it but the aptly titled Ellen's War -Blue Skies & Tiger Moths proves the exception. It's a genuine gem of a read which manages to transport and rivet us as Ellen's story unfolds amid the prelude to World War II. It's a time to which we've been before, but seldom do we see it rendered on such a personal level. Miller's light but acerbic narrative, the lovable Ellen, a good story that needs to be told, everything comes together to deliver a series of events whose point is not the horrors of an impending war but the loves and relationships we build when faced with adversity and the lengths to which we will go to overcome them. Miller's narrative grows more engaging as we turn the pages with Jack and Greg the handsome foils that not only rise to the occasion but nicely convey the diction and reserve of the period. As a straightforward historical romance Miller's novel works well but in daring to explore the darker aspects of the times and with a female lead very much at odds with what society expects from her, she rises above the usual saccharine offerings of the genre. In doing so she leave us with a story that is not only entertaining but undeniably thought provoking too.

“Pure escapism in a timeless read, Ellen's War – Blue Skies & Tiger Moths is sure to be enthusiastically welcomed by Miller's many fans and is recommended without reservation for lovers of Historical Romance Fiction everywhere.” ~BooksViral