Cutlass by T.M. Franklin


A quest for vengeance.
A high-stakes treasure hunt.
An attraction they both try to deny.

Convinced One-Eyed Jack Tremayne killed her father and stole his prized cutlass, Sarina Talbot sneaks aboard the pirate’s ship to exact her revenge. To her surprise, she’s met by a declaration of innocence and an offer of help. She doesn’t trust him, and he doesn’t trust anybody. But they need each other to catch the killer and beat their enemies to a hidden cache of Aztec gold.

They’re not the only treasure-seekers, however, and there’s a traitor in their midst.

Caught between Crown ships and enemy pirates, Sarina and Jack discover a prize greater than gold as their uneasy alliance leads them on the adventure of a lifetime.

“Five Swashbuckling Stars!” – Bestselling Author Carrie Elks

“Like Smith with a Rum Jug in a bar fight I honestly couldn't put it down!” – Let the Ink Run Free

“If you think this is just another romance book, think twice. You will have a great ride and a surprise that you didn’t see coming.” – FS Meurinne, Goodreads Review