The Only Best Place by Carolyne Aarsen


Give her a sucking chest wound in her ED and Leslie VandeKeere is all capable and efficient. But extended family interactions out on the farm? Not so much. When her husband’s business fails and with their marriage faltering, Leslie reluctantly moves her family from her career in the Emergency Department of a big-city hospital to Dan’s boyhood home. On a farm. Leslie and Dan had agreed it was only for a year. But once he’s back in the bosom of his family he starts making plans to stay. A family tragedy challenges Leslie’s ideas about family and community and faith and she has to decide if Holmes Crossing truly is The Only Best Place for her, her family and her heart.

“Carolyne Aarsen’s lonely protagonist, Leslie, may be someone you will love-or she may be someone you actually are. A confused wife, trying to see the sky, she is stranded in her husband’s Eden. And the serpents would absolutely love to have a chat.”
Jacquelyn Mitchard, author of Cage of Stars and The Deep End of the Ocean