The Lost Colony Series Preview by Andrew C. Broderick

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Sometimes the darkness we fear… is our own…

Despite the reputation as a brilliant and dedicated space engineer, John Rees is certain he is not the man everyone thinks he is. Haunted by the death of his father and one fatal decision that questions his morality; he doubts he will have a chance to redeem himself for a past he cannot escape.

But when 100 colonists go missing on an alien planet, John sees his chance to prove once and for all that one decision doesn’t create a monster. John and the crew of the Atlas struggle to survive the near-total malfunction of their power and navigation systems, evidence that a strange alien race intercepted the colonists, and even a near-impossible jump through hundreds of meters of solid rock.

Can John and the crew make use of limited resources and save the lives of their companions? Or will the challenges prove once and for all that John will never be able to find the peace that he seeks?

The Lost Colony Series: Omnibus Edition features the entire four books in Andrew Broderick’s new sci-fi adventure. If you like Andy Weir or Arthur C. Clarke you don’t want to miss this!
Book 1: Missing
Book 2: Hunted
Book 3: Eden
Book 4: The God Chamber

“The Lost Colony Series is a great collection of stories by Andrew C Broderick. The plots are fresh and interesting, and the characters are complex. While I read the series individually, a collection is a much better way to go. Taken individually, a reader is left without a sufficient closure. This collection remedies this while taking the reader on a very interesting journey of spacial exploration and rescue — and contact with other life forms.” -Debra Miller, Amazon reviewer