Street Justice by Holly S. Roberts

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Street Justice combines a sexy alpha cop, a bohemian woman with a heart of gold, and a half-Shepard half-Poodle mix with a leg-humping need to prove who’s top dog in the neighborhood. With suspense, humor, and steamy romance Street Justice will have your alpha-cop fantasies on full alert.

Detective Lincoln Street works crazy hours and exists on little sleep. He’s at a stage in his life where one-night-stands turn him off. He’s looking for a stable woman to rock his world and settle down.

Shelby Ryan and her Shepadoodle, Daisy, live next door to an uptight detective who avoids her like the plague. When police pick Shelby up mistakenly for prostitution, her stodgy family refuses to help and Shelby is forced to ask a guard to contact her neighbor to care for Daisy. Shelby was only on the street to offer prostitutes a way out because an insane killer is targeting them. She doesn’t need a lecture or the condemning eyes of a hotter than hell detective.

What an absolutely FANTASTIC story!! I LOVED it and EVERYONE needs to read it! ~ Amazon Customer