Sing for Me by Crystal Kaswell

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We’ve never met and he doesn’t know that I exist.

But he's the only person who can comfort me.

He’s the only person who understands how this hurts.

His lyrics keep me from falling apart. And they pull me closer.

I’m falling for the man who’s plucking every one of my heartstrings.

I’m falling for Miles Webb. And I’m content to keep lusting after a stranger.

Until we meet.

And he wants me.

Rock star Miles Webb is offering to take my virginity.

Holy sh*t.

***Sing for Me is a Sinful Serenade Prequel. This book begins before Sing Your Heart Out and contains some scenes from the first few chapters of Sing Your Heart Out from Miles's POV. It can be read before or after reading Sing Your Heart Out.***

“Oh my god!!!!!! “Sing For Me” is the prequel of Meg and Miles' story, but works like a phenomenal “mise en bouche”…. A little sad, witty, super sweet and an announcing taste of the heat factor will completely hook you and make you desperate for the real thing! I know that i just can't wait to read “Sing Your Heart Out” anymore… Two Thumbs Up With Blazing Lighters On!!!!!!” – Moon, GoodReads Reviewer