Renegade by Dayne Edmondson

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He betrayed the Empire to save a damsel in distress. Now he works for the Alliance hunting the scum of the tri-sun system.

Harvey Denwald is a hard ass bounty hunter with a grudge against the criminal underworld. After the Empire fell he started working for the Alliance and hasn’t looked back, working with his team, including a Starseer cyborg, an android with feelings and an uncaring engineer to hunt down criminals and bring them to justice. Until now.

When a mysterious job ends with his target dead and her mysterious child in his care, Harvey is forced to re-think everything he thought he knew about the Alliance. A horrifying discovery reveals a weapon that could destroy everything they hold dear and they must race against time to stop it from being unleashed.

“What a great space novella. It made me laugh hysterically.” – Amazon Reviewer