Emergence by Dayne Edmondson

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They came from deep space. They came to destroy us.

Two thousand years ago, bloodthirsty aliens devastated the world of Tar Ebon. Humanity almost perished. Now they’re back to finish the deed.

But now we are prepared. Now we fight back.

Captain Martin Rigsby was forged in the crucible of war. After the last war, he is assigned to the outer rim of the United Federation of Planets. Martin must lead his aging fleet to face the enemy in battle.

Marine Lieutenant Derek Jamison is stuck on a shithole planet at the far edge of the galaxy. But when destruction rains from the sky he must rally the troops and face this new threat.

Agent Kimberly Hague is working routine security duty at a presidential summit when betrayal leads to an explosion and subsequent assault on the president’s life, turning her world upside down. She must pursue the traitors responsible and bring them to justice.

Against the alien onslaught, they each stand alone. But we will fight. We will rise. We will win.

“…offers his readers a wonderful adventure with exciting characters who have enough flaws to make them real to the imagination of the reader…” – Amazon Reviewer