Caroline’s Love by Patricia PacJac Carroll

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Caroline Lovelace stared at her callused hands. Once, they'd been soft and covered in white gloves. The War of Northern Aggression had taken everything from her. With few good men left and an abundance of starving widows, Richmond, Virginia, had lost its appeal. After her daddy died, she answered an ad to be a mail order bride. She waved goodbye to her beloved homeland and boarded a train for the wilds of Colorado to Hickory Stick.Apparently, the twig town was named by miners digging for gold. No more starving had sounded too good to pass up. Soon, she would be the bride of Mr. Thomas J. Connors.
Until the woman sitting across from her overhears Caroline mention the man's name.Seems Julia Brooks also has letters from the same man. And think of theirsurprise when they meet Sarah Graham from New York City who is also on her wayto Hickory Stick to meet the now infamous Thomas J. Connors.

“Yea!! Quite the book. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Clean, sweet, interesting. ” 5 stars