Avendui 5ive by P.K. Tyler

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iomechanically enhanced Humans called Series Teks are cogs in the machine of a distant future world. Each Series serves a purpose and Teks are designed, enhanced, and genetically coded to fulfill that role. When Avendui 5ive finds herself unable to perform to expectations, what will become of her? What is the fate of a broken machine, even if they are, underneath it all, still people?

This new short story from USA Today Bestselling Author P.K. Tyler is a companion to the Jakkattu series of science fiction adventures.

This reminds me of some of the “hard” science fiction of the '50s and '60s with dystopian themes that were more of a warning than a promise of a better future. This short story is meant to introduce a future world we would NOT wish to inhabit, occupied by an alien species which is responsible for the “adaptations.” And yet the few tender moments between two of the tec series promise that mankind has not utterly lost its way. – Betababe