A Date with Fate by Tracy Ellen

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Eyes clash, sparks fly, and worlds collide when Anabel meets Luke, but that's the least of her problems!
Many, many strange things are happening in the town of Northfield, Minnesota and Anabel is a magnet for trouble. From her family to her friends, the sassy, blonde bookseller's perfectly uncomplicated life is suddenly turned chaotically upside down with problems. But the biggest problem is her nauseatingly exciting sexual attraction for the not-too-tall, deliciously dark, definitely not handsome but intriguingly hot Luke Drake. She can't get him out of her head!

Will Anabel learn some rules are meant to be broken to find happiness and a certain mesmerizing complication might be worth the trouble–even if it kills her? Or will she learn the hard way that sometimes fate takes away our choices?

Don’t miss this exciting debut book introducing an ongoing series that is part steamy romance, part suspenseful mystery, and altogether wildly, belly-laughing fun! Enjoy the action, sexual fantasies ad role-playing, romance, witty banter, mystery, mayhem, friends, family, flashbacks, laughter, and an “OMG!” cliffhanger–all in one roller-coaster ride of a weekend!

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*The next 6 volumes in The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod series are available everywhere eBooks are sold!
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In Love by Design, 3
Adieu to Destiny, 4
Family & Fortune, 5
Coupled with Chance, 6
The Kiss of Kismet, 7
The Wedding Written in the Stars, 7.5, a Novella
Honeymoon & Happenstance (Coming 2017)

5 STARS “This book is the perfect combination of humor, drama, and “romance” one could experience! It is thoroughly enjoyable.” – Up All Night Book Addict Goodreads Reviewer