Mail Order Compromise by Barbara Goss


Brock hides his wealth from Sarah as a guarantee she’ll fall in love with him for himself and not his money. Not only does she accept him as a simple bank teller, she prefers a simpler life. Trouble finds her while she is remodeling the old farmhouse, and the bank robbers return thinking she’s her friend, Elaina. Just when everyone thought the couple’s love would last forever, she discovers shocking news about Brock that sends her packing and moving in with Elaina and Pete. Brock has to accomplish two things: get his wife back, and convert her to becoming a Christian.

Audible Review from Daniella Williams:

If you could sum up Mail Order Compromise in three words, what would they be?
Beautiful Christian romance.

What was one of the most memorable moments of Mail Order Compromise?
I loved the distinction between Christians and “church goers.” At the heart of the story there is a beautiful lesson of the best things about being a good Christian, and how we can honor God, and how we should treat each other.

Which scene was your favorite?
I love the marriage lessons throughout the book. So often in a marriage we only want “my” way instead of “our” way. Compromise is important so both people can win and be closer to what we are intended to be. Sarah had a traumatic upbringing and because Brock was able to work with her, true love is able to grow.

Was there a moment in the book that particularly moved you?
I was moved by Brock's devotion to the Lord, and how he prays for guidance and compromises to keep Sarah in his life. He doesn't turn her away because of her bruised belief.

Any additional comments?
The story is stronger than the narrator at times, which can be a little distracting. But that quickly fades into the background. I love the story itself, and I'm even buying a copy for my mother. It's great to share this with her. I highly recommend this book, and the author Barbara Goss. This is a voluntary review of a copy gifted by the author.