Feral by Laxmi Hariharan


From New York Times Bestseller Laxmi Hariharan, the fast paced romantic start to the Many Lives Series.

When your destiny is staring right at you and you just can't see it?

He's all I ever wanted
But I can't possibly let myself love him

I love her
So I let her go
Knowing I may never see her again

Maya Iyeroy must find her blood family to discover who she really is. But leaving shifter Luke Cabot means she's walking away from her destined mate. As Maya searches for herself, she uncovers secrets about her past that will change her forever. Can she accept herself and her new place in this world, while still falling in love with the one man she's fated to be with?

“Seven stars and a standing ovation. Twice. This author's style is revolutionary.” – Amazon Reviewer

“Jonathan Livingston Seagull of Paranormal Romances” – Goodreads Reviewer