Honor’s Reserve by Michael La Ronn


It should have been just another routine spaceship boarding.

For Petty Officer Grayson McCoy, it's his last mission in the Galactic Guard: board a suspicious spaceship with no registration, perform a safety check, and write up a citation or two.

Then he can return home, pick up where he left off in his swimming career, maybe start dating.

But there's something on that rogue ship more deadly than Grayson ever imagined.

And it's taking over the galaxy.

Honor's Reserve is the first book in the Galaxy Mavericks space opera series. It's the story of six ordinary people from different walks of life who have to band together to save the galaxy.

“I am a huge fan of this author as his stories are not predictable, The people are very believable and the plot not obvious as there are always twists and turns that make you think and wonder ok what the heck is going to happen now.” – Amazon Reviewer