Burning Resolution by T.M. Cromer

Book 1 in the Stonebrooke series

Armed with a New Year's resolution and a surly attitude toward physical fitness, Erica Sutton hires a personal trainer to whip her into shape. What she hadn't bargained for was Zack Sharp – the owner of Workout World – assigning himself to be her workout nazi.

An obsessed ex-lover of Zack's notices the attention he is paying Erica and sets out to remove the competition by any means possible.

Now, Erica and Zack are holed up, debating the merits of donuts, sex, and love while their crazy stalker sets out to light their world, quite literally, on fire. It's a race against time to find their assailant before the relationship they've started to build is burned to the ground.

“Fast paced! Great characterization! Twists and turns! Unexpected plot points! Thoroughly enjoyable. 🙂 I will definitely read the next book in the series.” Amazon Reviewer