The Partition of Africa by Olivia Folmar Ard

Book 1 in the Bennett series

Hattie Greene was the typical quiet, nerdy good girl at HKCU…until she wasn't. After a lapse in judgment and one vulnerable night spent with Samson Campbell, PhD, she's gone from teacher's pet to professor's mistress in the blink of an eye. Caught between her feelings and her conscience, she moves through each day terrified her mistake will cost her everything. Her nosy roommate, Claire, has a built-in scandal detector, and her angry ex would love nothing more than to exact revenge. Will Hattie be able to put her mistake behind her and move on, or will her past haunt her for the rest of her life?

Embark on a journey to Bennett, South Carolina, where there's never a shortage of drama, heartbreak, friendship, love, and redemption. Who says small towns can't have big secrets?

“Ard has taken a familiar coming of age story and used her mastery of smooth prose to create a thoughtful vehicle for some much deeper themes. Her characters are well-rounded, flawed but likable. I had moments of saying, perhaps out loud, ‘Don't do it, Hattie!' But Hattie does it and has to deal with the consequences. Yet, consequences have a way of bringing out the best/worst in the people around her, and it's fascinating to see how Ard uses this to help us examine themes of redemption and forgiveness.”

-The Pedestrian Eclectic, Amazon