The Morrigna by Rachel Rawlings

Book 1 in the The Maurin Kincaide series

Psychic — check.
Bad ass chick with a sword — check.
Able to heal from deadly wounds in an instant — that’s me.
But something is wrong.
Something my years as an interrogator for the Salem Preternatural Task Force or the witches, werewolves and vampires I take orders from, prepared me for.
Someone is trying to strip me of my powers, take permanent residence in my body, kill me one demon at a time.
But I won’t let them, not without a fight.
My name is Maurin Kincaide — Psychometric, and this is my story.

“Rachel Rawlings is a fabulous series of kick-ass Horror novels with and Urban Fantasy blend and possessing a strong female lead.” Blaze McRob, Bram Stoker Award winning author.
“If you enjoy slightly dark, fast paced and action packed Urban Fantasy, then this is definitely for you. Five out of five stars!” Book Monster Reviews