The Marshall Plan by Olivia Folmar Ard

Book 2 in the Bennett series

Molly Marshall is happily married, incredibly rich, and up for a Pulitzer…in her dreams. Her reality is much bleaker. No one wants to pay her to write, and her student loans won't let her work for free, so her grad degree in journalism goes to waste while she works in a taco truck alongside her crazy roommate. Gavin, the man she's supposed to marry, keeps slipping away from her. The garden she tends on the roof of her apartment building is the only escape she has from her grim reality.

But when a university scandal she failed to cover as a student resurfaces, Molly finally has a chance to put her name on the map as a real, bonafide journalist. There's just one problem: selling the story means hurting the people she cares about. With a new friend's trust and Gavin's love at stake, Molly must make a choice. Something has to go. What will it be, her ambition or her heart?

Embark on a journey to Bennett, South Carolina, where there's never a shortage of drama, heartbreak, friendship, love, and redemption. Who says small towns can't have big secrets?

“Far from a hearts and flowers romance, this novel has a gritty realism that will resonate with many readers.”