Tested Love by Juliette Duncan

Book 2 in the The True Love series

No sooner do Ben and Tessa return from their honeymoon in Fiji, when Ben’s teenage son, Jayden, reverts to old, troubling habits. Ben’s parenting style adds to the stress Tessa feels. Part of her wants to coddle Jayden; another part of her wants to support Ben’s wishes, but Jayden isn’t making it easy for her.

As she frets over marrying Ben and taking on so much responsibility, a new challenge arises. How will Tessa and Ben cope when their worst fear is realized?

Will Ben and Tessa have the strength to power through and hold onto God’s graces or will the turmoil be enough to make their faith falter? Can this ready-made family remain together, especially now that their worst fear has come to fruition?

“Enjoyed the love story. Loved illustrations of God thru everyday life situations. Purchased whole series & could not put them down. I never write reviews. This author really deserves it! You will not be disappointed in her books!” Sue W