Still Falling by Crystal Walton

Book 1 in the Home In You series

Landing a prominent chair in the Philharmonic Orchestra is part of Bree Ramirez’s careful plans to avoid her old life. Falling smack into her ex-fiancé’s path again? Nowhere close. But with a gang hit targeting her and her brother as loose ends, the pressure to get them out of Queens ushers her straight into the very arms she’s spent the last four years pretending aren’t still home.

On the brink of finally making detective and tackling his parents’ cold case, NYPD Officer Josh D’Angelo is prepared for just about anything. Except playing it cool with the only girl he’s ever loved. Then again, if being assigned Bree’s security detail opens the doors to winning her back, he’ll risk whatever the job requires. Including his heart.

But when Josh’s investigation brings him to a choice he promised Bree he’d never have to make, this unsolicited reunion may cost them their only shot at a second chance.

“With just the right amount of tension, suspense, and sweet moments, I was immediately drawn into Bree and Josh's story and loved every minute of it.” Goodreads Reviewer