Rebel’s Honor by Gwynn White

Book 1 in the Crown of Blood series

An oppressive family of tyrants. A warrior princess to destroy them all.

Lynx of Norin is a proud warrior who always does what’s right for her people. When an ancient treaty and a thousand superhuman guardsmen force her to leave her land for an arranged marriage, she knows it’s her duty. Lynx begrudgingly travels to wed her sworn enemy, the beautiful, brooding Lukan Avanov.

Lukan grows to love his bride-to-be, but he wasn’t prepared for a second mysterious visitor to ruin his plans. A curse that has been prophesied for ages may come true on Lukan’s watch, and it could kill him and destroy his empire.

As Lynx seeks to overthrow the Avanovs from the inside, Lukan fights to protect his life and his empire. Despite his love for Lynx, will Lukan's secret, mind-controlling devices be enough to save him from her, or will Lynx destroy him and his empire first?

Rebel’s Honor mixes fantasy, post-apocalyptic science fiction, and a dash of steampunk to create an adventure in a world where anything is possible. If you like page-turning action, intrigue, some romance, and a heroine who fights her own battles, then you’ll love the first installment in Gwynn White’s Crown of Blood series.

This is book one in a six-part series. The other books include:
Warlord's Wager
Dragon's Fire
Traitors And Tyrants
Blood Rites
Crown of Blood (September 2017)

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“I loved this book, and I WILL be buying the rest of the series.” Amazon Reviewer.