Layered Lies by Kaylie Hunter

Book 1 in the Kelsey's Burden series

Two years after her son was abducted, Kelsey Harrison rebuilds a new life for herself. She opens a store, makes new friends, and settles into a peaceful existence. At least, that’s what she hopes the world believes.

Behind closed doors, Kelsey hunts her enemies, living a life of lies. She hasn’t forgotten, hasn’t forgiven. She searches for answers still.

But when a stalker, who is fixated on her friend, shows up in town, Kelsey struggles to find a way to keep everyone safe. Will she find the madman before it’s too late? Or will tragedy strike again?

Book one of the five series book collection: Kelsey’s Burden Series

“…Layered Lies is a thriller to top all thrillers; it has everything. Guns, knives, fights, murder, family honour, brutality, and sex. All of it believable whilst you are reading, and who can ask more of a novel than that? Kaylie Hunter has written a winner, with a hook to book two guaranteed to turn casual readers into avid fans.” — Reviewed by Sarah Stuart for Readers' Favorite (5 Stars)