Demon Blood by Alex Westmore

Book 3 in the Silver Legacy series

When another legacy demon hunter goes missing in New Orleans, it’s up to Denny Silver to track him down. Not an easy task, considering the hordes of demons escaping through a dimensional rift created by a powerful voodoo Priestess—all of whom Denny must fight as she makes her way deeper and deeper into the haunted city.

The body count quickly rises, forcing Denny, her witch, and some formidable new friends to seek help from the mysterious people living on the bayou… people Denny’s sure would just as soon help the demons as help in her quest.

Can Denny rescue the lost hunter before this surge of demons wipes New Orleans off the map? The clock is ticking, and if Denny fails in her mission, the flood of evil entering the city will soon drown every living soul in the Blood of the Demon.

In this 3rd book of the series, Denny has become a kick ass demon hunter seemingly at a comfortable resolve with her Hanta demon. But her life isn’t in balance as she has no real life outside of demon hunting. Compelling storytelling make us voyeurs to Denny’s journey of acceptance as she learns the importance of true balance, accepting allies and embracing her own personal witch.

Intrigued and interested to find out what happened to fellow legacy hunter Peyton, Denny decides to go to New Orleans, the megacity for supernatural forces, against the advice of her mentor and trainer Ames. Once in New Orleans we are taken on a non-stop adventure as Denny tries to unravel the many layers of deceit and determine friends from foes. Fighting higher level demons and Dubbuks becomes a real trial as we revisit with our favorite cast of characters from Denny previous adventures and meet quite a few new ones. We learn more about Denny’s mother and her relationship with her witch and root for Denny and Brianna’s attempt to resolve their feelings and their relationship.

It’s a wild ride through the streets of New Orleans and the bowels of the Bayou as Denny tries to purge the demons without killing their human hosts. For fans of the series this one’s stepped up the supernatural thriller ante quite a bit. A great read.
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