Darkness Descends by Alex Westmore

Book 1 in the Silver Legacy series

Denny Silver is just a normal college student living a not-so-normal life in the most haunted city in America.

Sure, her lover is a ghost, but in Savannah, that’s not what’s unusual.

What is strange is the influx of supernatural creatures roaming the streets looking to start trouble—with Denny specifically. To fight back against the wave of demons, she racks up one unusual companion after another––from ghosts to witches to demons.

In her search for answers to her supernatural problem, Denny discovers that she is a born demon hunter, and, no, she doesn’t have any choice in the matter. Okay, so being possessed by an ancient demon doesn’t exactly fit into her life plans, but somebody has to do it.

Denny must either accept the mantle of demon hunter or stand back helplessly as the dark forces destroy everything and everyone she’s ever loved.

At least she can always pick up her sword and chain whip to go kick some demon ass. After all, it is her legacy, right?

Loved it. I've been a fan of the author for a while now. She is able to just suck you into the story and keep you hanging on. I don't suggest reading her work unless you have some time. For some reason her stories just won't let you go. Darkness Descends was a gripping paranormal that was full of mystery, intrigue, witches, confused normal humans and few demons thrown in. Well developed characters with surprises around every corner. I can't wait to read the next in the series. Amazon Reviewer