Divided by Mary Duke


Sno is no ordinary Faye, nor is she a mere daughter of the moon.

She was born with birthmarks that mirror the Goddess Ayana herself, and in time she inherited her power.

For some the birthmarks represent a blessing, a savior of the Faye, but to those who feared her power the marks were a sign of a curse. For Sno, the marks represent who she is, and serve as a constant reminder of what she could become.

Sno finds herself at the center of a war. Torn between what she's told is her only option, and what she believes is right. That is, until she finds herself atop the back of a dragon, with a man whom she believed tried to take her life a few years ago.

On one side are the vampires, led by a notorious Vane family. On the other side is every single race within their realm that ever stood against them; including the Faye.

Will this be Sno’s way out of slaughtering of thousands, or are these people simply delaying the inevitable?

“Read this in one sitting, I just couldn't put the book down until the end.” -C. Aparicio