Bodies & Buried Secrets by Ruby Blaylock

When Annie Richards finds herself widowed at the age of 40, she leaves her home in New York City and returns to the small South Carolina town she grew up in. Hoping to create a new life for herself and her teenaged son, Annie teams up with her mother, Bessie, to buy a run down old plantation which they plan on turning into a beautiful bed and breakfast.

When an old enemy of Annie's turns up on her doorstep demanding that she sell her new home, Annie is determined to keep the woman from destroying her new dream. When the woman winds up dead in Annie's kitchen, it looks like the dream has become a nightmare as the police begin to suspect not only Annie but her contractor, Rory, as well.

Rory has a past that involves a stay in prison for assault and a high school romance with Annie. Will she let her old feelings for him cloud her judgment, or is he actually capable of murder? And why do people seem to think that there's some sort of buried treasure on the plantation's overgrown, long-vacant grounds?

Annie finds herself in the middle of a deadly treasure hunt that could end up costing her more than just her new bed and breakfast–it could cost her her life, too.

“I absolutely loved this book. It looks like a murder mystery story but it is so much more. There are hints of hidden treasure in Annie’s new property but no one seems sure whether it is just a legend to lure people to visit Coopersville or if there is really some truth to the centuries old rumour. Things get suspicious when one of the deceased’s fiancé turns up to drill Annie about her knowledge of the house and its history.

Apart from the story, I adored the character of Bessie, Annie’s mother. The old woman is an adventurer at heart and keeps the company in good spirit with her undying enthusiasm and good food. It also gives the readers a glimpse of Southern American hospitality.

Blaylock’s writing is top notch and there was not a single moment when I felt bored or felt the pace lacking. Every character is well thought and the conversations between them flowed out naturally. I would highly recommend this book for lovers of suspense, mystery and treasure hunts!”

By Forest's Daughter on July 24, 2016 (Amazon Reviewer)