Shadows for a Princess by Dominique Kristine

A princess who would rather die than wed. A warrior priest who would rather kill than see her harmed. A kingdom of shadows and treachery that threatens them both…

Protecting Princess Ysolde from treason and assassination requires all of Geoffrey's skill as a knight-protector. Though she is a sorceress from a tribe of fierce air elementals, her refusal to marry an aristocrat of the court's choosing leaves her vulnerable. The nobles loathe anyone different–especially Ysolde as an adopted daughter of the king–and she returns their hatred with equal scorn.

To save her life, she gathers allies with powerful strengths, but their dark secrets jeopardize the security of the kingdom. If Geoffrey fails in his duty and she succumbs to the tangled web cloaking her kingdom, his growing love will die with her.

Ideal for readers who enjoy a touch of romance with their epic fantasy and a vibrant world with shades of gray. Fans of Outlander and Throne of Glass will love Terraina's colorful cast of characters and imaginative society, especially if they share Dominique's fondness for fantasy written by May Sage, Leia Stone, and Emma Alisyn.

Excellent world-building, intense story, and engaging characters. A definite 5-star read– in fact, I'd give more, if I could.