His Texas Princess by Kristen Ethridge


Her Royal Highness Princess Anneliese de Cotriaro is trying to find her place in the world–and in the kingdom of San Petro, a small paradise off the coast of Central America. She believes there is more to her life than simply being “the spare” to the crown's heir and having her every move followed by paparazzi after a broken engagement. Because Port Provident, Texas, is a sister city to San Petro's capital city of Rosada, when Princess Anneliese sees the images of destruction from Hurricane Hope in the news, she knows this is the opportunity she's been praying for to show she's a woman of substance.

Matt McGregor is used to disasters. Working with Helping Hands Homes, he's returned to his hometown after the hurricane with an ambitious goal to renovate 100 damaged homes by Christmas. When the national office tells him they've been able to score a PR opportunity with the visiting princess of San Petro to work on one of the houses and help raise the funds they'll need to achieve their goals, Matt sees imminent disaster. Building a house is hard work and he needs committed volunteers–not a prissy princess who is sure to be afraid to get her hands dirty.

Can a princess in search of a mission make a difference in the world of a blue-collar man who can't afford distractions to his work?

“Another awesome story from one of my favorite authors! Kristen Ethridge's writing makes me feel like I am right there with the characters. Pick up this book and you will not be disappointed!” — Amazon Reader Review