Trying Sophie: A Dublin Rugby Romance by Rebecca Norinne


Sophie Newport loves her life: she's travelled the world and lived by her own rules. But when her grandfather has a heart attack, she drops everything and boards a plane to Ireland. Two weeks, that's the plan. Until one look at her childhood nemesis has her rethinking everything. She's sworn off athletes, but there's something about the sexy rugby star that she just can't shake.

Sex and rugby were the only things Declan O'Shaughnessy cared about, right up until his first love waltzed back into his life. Even as he slept his way through Dublin, he never stopped thinking about Sophie or wondering if she thought about him too. Faced with a second chance to right the wrongs of his past, he vows to go after Sophie the way he chases down opponents on the field. And this time, he won't let her get away.

“One of the best sports romances I read all year!” – Emerald Book Reviews Blog

“A spicy and sweet sports romance that gave me all the feels and made me super happy while reading it.” – Book Briefs

“This novel is an exquisite read. It is sweet, delightful and charming but also meaningful and moving. There are some smoking hot scenes that will have you looking crazy!” – A Naughty Girl's Novel World Book Blog