The Haunting of Primrose House by Hope Jameson


A desperate father, a frightened son, and a loving mother are the history of her new house.

Stephanie and her kids need a fresh start. After losing her husband and her children's father, she decides to move closer to her parents. Surely getting away from the rush of Chicago will slow them down and help them heal. Small town Georgia seems like the perfect pace for them now.

She finds a house and decides to buy it on the spot. She's very proud of her brave decision to leave Chicago and falls in love with a fixer-upper that just needs some loving care. The family hasn't even officially moved in before odd things start happening, though. Things are moving around, drawers are left open, and lights come on all by themselves.

Finally, Stephanie finds a frightening piece of history left behind by owners from almost fifty years ago. She wants to leave the house so badly, but her money is sunk in this house and she has no other reasonable options. She still doesn't know what's causing all the unexplained oddities. Will she finally find the cause or will she and her kids just have to live in fear for now?

“Very enjoyable ghost story, I liked the ending.” – Amazon Reviewer