The Bad Baker Boys Complete Boxed Set by Tonya Brooks


Once upon a time in the small town of Lakeside, there lived a family of handsome men better known as the Bad Baker Boys.

Matthew Jedidiah Baker II was the oldest and a hellion from the moment he was born. He was his father's son, of that there was no doubt. From the coal black hair and eyes right down to his fiery temperament and bad boy charm, he was Jed Baker made over.

Matt possessed the natural instincts of a killer. He could track a man or an animal with deadly accuracy and as stealthily as a jungle cat. In hand to hand combat, he fought as tirelessly as a demon and could run for miles without breaking a sweat. He'd never met an opponent that he couldn't defeat. Except for the memory of the only woman he'd ever loved. The only woman he could never have.

And this is Matt's story…

Fame. Fortune. Females. Jed Baker's second born son had it all, and lost it in the blink of an eye. Mark had learned early on what it was to have his every dream fulfilled as well as the pain of losing it in an instant. Refusing to accept defeat, he had focused all of his attention in a different direction and controlled his business ventures with the same ruthless determination that had allowed him to dominate a football field.

His life was perfect. Mark had everything he could want. He was wealthy, successful, and more handsome than a man had a right to be. That winning trifecta was pure catnip for women. His playboy lifestyle was turned upside down when a precocious eleven year old girl decided that he would be the perfect father. Little did he know that her mother would quickly become his greatest challenge.

And this is Mark's story…

If character traits defined a man, Jed Baker's third son had a lot more of his father in him that he'd ever imagined possible; and when his mettle was tested, he finally discovered the man he was meant to be.

Luke was as different from his brothers as daylight and dark. He was the voice of reason and always thought an issue through before he acted on it. There wasn't an impulsive streak in his nature, he rarely lost his temper, and he had never once behaved in a reckless manner that anyone knew of.

In spite of the fact that he had inherited his father's bad boy charm, the Harvard law graduate behaved as a true Southern gentleman. Until he met the woman from his wettest, wildest dreams and his attraction to her threatened to ruin his sterling reputation.

And this is Luke's story…

Jed Baker's youngest son took the term bad boy to a whole other level. John's musical talent was phenomenal and his dark, smoky voice conjured up images of black satin sheets and hot, sweaty sex. He started his own band as a teenager and never gave up on his dream of being a rock star.

His fallen angel looks and lethal bad boy charm ensured that finding a woman willing to share his bed for a few hours was not a problem. Until he realized the prissy ass city girl who rocked his world was the woman he actually wanted to wake up with.

And this is John's story…

Holy Hannah these brothers know how to treat their ladies!- Amazon Reader