Sweet Cowboy Kisses by Stephanie Berget


To attain his dream of a bull riding championship, Kade Vaughn must ride the bull they call Swamp Fox. But in two rides, the big bull's given Kade a severe concussion and two disqualified rides. Now the cowboy's on a forced time out on his friends' ranch, near the little town of East Hope, Oregon. It's all fine and dandy till the day he walks into the diner and comes face to face with a temptress in a Cleopatra wig. One who looks a lot like the girl he left behind, and who he'd give nearly anything to have back in his arms.

To get through each day, Pansy Lark pretends to be other women, through cosplay. Famous, strong women who took what they wanted from life, instead of the other way around. Once she was a champion barrel racer with a bright future, and a cowboy she loved. She lost it all, leaving her with only a driving need to prove she's not that weak girl anymore. But when Kade walks back into her life, she must decide if real strength is in forgiveness. Can sweet cowboy kisses heal her wounded heart?

“I had forgotten how much I love cowboy stories. The story is sweet and very real. Once you start to read, you walk right beside the characters and can't wait to see what will happen next.” Amazon Reviewer