Heir of Shadows by Kel Carpenter


A sister that burned down the house? That’s the least of Selena’s concerns when the killing gene is active.

When Selena Foster is dragged to a boarding school for Supernaturals, she should be thrilled. Instead, she finds herself struggling with insanity and the pull of darkness, because, even among her own kind, she’s a prodigy. She and her sisters know better than anyone the cost that comes with great power, because while Alexandra can play with fire and Lily can heal anything, Selena is more deadly and destructive than the world is ready for.

When Selena makes a promise to her sisters in order to keep the madness at bay, she finds herself being led down a dangerous path where right and wrong are not always clear. The killing gene is both her curse and her salvation. Things get complicated though, when she is paired with the enigmatic Lucas Hunter, who may be the only person alive who can unravel every terrible secret Selena’s keeping—and she can’t stay away.

When loyalties are tested and her sister is placed in mortal danger, Selena must finally decide how much her secrets are worth, who to trust, and who to kill.

“intriguing, amazingly, well written young adult book in the history of the YA genre. the characters are complex, the subject matter is creative and an entirely new spin on everything we thought we have read before. The plot flows without a single hiccup. everything about this book is perfect. obviously as I am up at 1:30 in the morning writing this review as soon as I had finished reading. If you love supernaturals, fantasy, young adult, action, sports or the possibility of romance this is for you. a must read for literally everyone in the whole world….I am not joking!” ~ Amazon Reviewer